UPDATE 15/11/19

In light of the announcement by the UK Labour party we are investigating potential breaches of our non disclosure agreements with the labour lead Welsh government business development arm and the Welsh Government development bank due to the many similarities to the proposed Community broadband scheme we proposed to them which was dismissed as not viable or sustainable. Updates will follow.



We are in the process of applying for Ofcom code powers which will enable us to lay cables and infrastructure, while investigating the putting together a community interest company to create a future proof light speed fibre network throughout South Wales. This will be run and developed for the community with savings also for the public sector.

The main aspects of the project are to install future proof high speed connectivity for the public sector ( schools, local gov, hospitals subsidised access), Private and even consumers under the universal service obligations, plus try to bridge the digital divide we have here in Wales.

We have the knowhow and opportunity now with the upgraded gigabit voucher connection scheme in Wales of obtaining upto £5500 per business and upto £800 per residential property we connect to our network, while we are rolling out this access we will be deploying a free basic service via a multitude of connection technologies and potential partners to deliver this futuristic service.

Shaun Hopkins

CEO ComWales ltd



Update 20/08/2019:

ComWales application to the UK Department for culture media and sport to become a BDUK Gigabit voucher scheme supplier has been approved.




Update 08/10/2019

ComWales Ltd is conducting talks with fund managers with the view to raise funds from retail investors on the London Stock Exchange to finance the rapid expansion of its lightspeed fibre network in Wales.

Project update 02/07/2019

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